Now, For Something Different…

This site is hosted by But then you’ve already deduced that.

They’ve added some tools in the admin side of the house that are mighty helpful and show some immediate bang for your effort. For instance:

Did you know you can now rearrange the order of the non-content column(s)? Don’t like where your “meta” is parked? Move it up top like I did. Immediately took a shot in the arm on RSS subscriber traffic. IMMEDIATELY! (Thanks to you rss feed readers. Who loves ya baby!?) Be interested to see how that goes up over the next week or two.

Also, the Flickr gadget is integrated now. I’ve been wanting this for a while for my hosted blog and here it is. LOVE it! Now, I can share the visual side of my life with everyone which basically consists of kids, kids, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and… oh, yeah, kids. 🙂

I trimmed off the archives, tags and calendar widgets (well, kept calendar after all… just parked it down below).

What this all boils down to is creating less of a menagerie of crap and honing it down to less of an eyesore and more of a content oriented site (thanks TDavid… you indeed DID make me go Hmm – I’ll be tending to the gotcha’s you found and sincerely appreciate the gobs of time it must have taken to perform such a fine top to bottom assessment of the blog. VERY appreciated!).

For even more traffic make sure you tag your content with WordPress Categories. I get about 10% of my traffic directly from Worpress tags (and maybe a little less than that from Technorati tags). So, tag, tag, TAG! everything. Pictures in Flickr, content in your blog, etc. It’s worth the effort.

And, if you think you’re seeing the occassional ad creeping into some posts… You’re right. It’s a very light and very context sensitive method I’m using. And, to all you who have purchased wine or iTunes from the g-WH!Z blog (and that one dot mac purchaser) I am ever grateful to you. You’ve helped squelch Michelle who said no one would ever buy squat from this blog. You folks proved her “a bit less than correct” (I can’t outright say “wrong”, she’d bludgeon me).

BTW, there are other hosted widgets like latest comments, etc. Check it out if you’re hosting on Otherwise, you might investigate hosting your own WordPress blog. I have two of those going and it’s easy as can be and HIGHLY extensible.

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One Comment on “Now, For Something Different…”

  1. TDavid Says:

    Glad to learn you found the feedback helpful, Gerald 🙂

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