Metallica’s On iTunes Music Store

Metallica's ON!

Holy crap! (as Ray Varone’s dad would say). Get it before the Sandman Comes!

You know… Apple could screw up really big time today and I just wouldn’t give a ratsass.

You oughta see the big smile on my face. Now, if they’d only get ALL the classic Triumph stuff up I could die and take my iPod with me.

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One Comment on “Metallica’s On iTunes Music Store”

  1. […] Saw the Metallica on iTunes news announced several places yesterday (first here, thanks Gerald) and planned to check when I had a few minutes on the only place I have iTunes installed: my Mac. I don’t have an iPod and am not really that interested in buying one, although I did buy one once upon a time and returned it and paid the restocking fee. Why? I didn’t and still don’t travel enough places where a portable music player could/would be used that much. […]

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