Zune’s probably going to be a hit. Cool name, GREAT logo! Sufficiently non-Microsoft to get a chance to actually thrive.

Zune logo

The best part of it all though is if it truly gives the iPod a run for the money… Imagine how much better the iPod experience is about to become. Think about that! A serious challenger comes along and pushes the game into the stratosphere. Like Tiger did with Golf or Andre and Boris did so many years ago in tennis (or, gasp… Michael Jordan). I can’t wait for this deal to land. No matter, I’m dyed in the wool Apple all the way. Call it koolaid or whatever. I’m just glad it’s not Creative whining about this or that. Someone’s really intending to turn up the heat and it’s coming from Redmond. That’s awesome!

Now, what would really ring my bell is if it contains all the wireless goodness the rumor mill’s spouting. Apple may just have to respond with the tablet they’re holding in their hip pocket. Shoot, why wait? Bring it out at the ’06 WWDC and blow us all to smithereens!

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2 Comments on “ZUNE!”

  1. Pierre Lourens Says:

    I don’t like the Zune. I don’t think the mainstream will like it nearly as much as the iPod because:

    1) It’s ugly.
    2) Not popular.
    3) the iPod is so popular it’s name is synonymous with mp3 player.
    4) marketing’s been bad.
    5) overhyped means disappointment when product is released.

    I don’t know..I just like what Apple has and will be doing. I agree, if Apple releases a touch-screen type iPod with an improved interface, it will still own the market. Check out what more I had to say:



    Don’t mean to be comment spamming, just didn’t want to retype all my opinions if they are right on my site!

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Appreciate your comment and I read your entry over at your blog and there’s a bit of contradiction in your post here and what you have over there.. Care to reconcile the two?

    I’ll cheer the Zune on only for the fact that Microsoft is one serious competitor. They’ll sink a LOT of money into it only to help motivate Apple to match all the smart features (like touchscreen, like wireless, like video on demand, like bittorrent, like a LOT of things).

    As far as the Zune device goes… don’t count on Microsoft to release what you see in the pics on the net. It would be just like them to “improve” it before it goes to market so much so that it only hints at the pre publicity hyped up version.

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