Immigration – NOT a Rant

So much is being said lately to malign the image of immigration (at least to those of us who are ALREADY here).

I’d like to ask for a minute of your time to consider the merits of immigration done right. When someone or a family of someones takes the time to actually apply for citizenship and snake their way through the system. Imagine the pride that swells within them when the judge finally says, “Congratulations, you are all now citizens of the United States of America.”

(pause for a moment, let that sink in)

Unless you are descended from a native American tribe (the paternal half of my family is) then somewhere in your family’s storied past… there is an immigrant who did that very thing.

Immigrants at Ellis Island This image has been a visual anchor for me the past two years and I’m grateful to the NY Public Library for digitizing VAST collections of theirs and making them publicly available.

I think we cheapen the efforts of our ancestors when we don’t take full account and responsibility for the process of immigration. I care about the legacy of this country. It’s probably the biggest elephant in my room actually (no, I’m not talking politics, it’s a phrase). It’s easy to NOT remember we live in a free land. More free today than in decades past. Maybe not as free as say, 2000 (again, I want to avoid politics here).

We have a country WORTH immigrating TO! So, please, if you have a friend or family member in the process of immigrating… tell them someone in Tulsa is thinking about them, wishing them well, appreciates the time they’re taking to “do it right” and that in doing so they make us all proud!

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