Miglia AlchemyTV DVR [REVIEW]

Trying to get back into the habit of providing meaty reviews of stuff we actually own and use daily.

A post at TUAW about Elgato reminded me… DUH! Our DVR is the Miglia AlchemyTV DVR. LOVE IT!

Michelle’s computer is the workhorse in the house. I barely use it… just to keep it up to date and fine tuned. Except…

We also have it hooked up to Cox Cable (for internet access, of course) but also for television. We use TitanTV to preview scheduling and also to program our recordings. It’s not ready to filter out commercials yet. One day, though. So, for the stuff we keep (mostly from HGTV) we scrub that stuff up via QuickTime Pro.

The recording flexibility is excellent. Select the recorded screen size, the compression you want, any trimming (tv aspect? widescreen? letterbox?). It’s all in there and it’s superb.

The only downside I have with it is for some reason our zip code is incompatible with the channel to brand resolution lookup. See, there’s this deal Miglia does (which worked when we first got the thing) where it would go out to TVGuide.com and request the NAMES of the channels (HGTV, Disney, AMC, etc) and put those along side the channel numbers of the onscreen remote. So, I didn’t have to worry about remembering which channel MTV was. I just select “MTV” and it pops up.

Well, that no longer works. Not Miglia’s fault… it’s TVGuide’s problem actually. But, it would be great if Miglia integrated with the cable co as a backup (if not the primary).

Oh, well. Still LOVE it. So convenient to have the files on the drive and ready at a moments notice.

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