OmniPlan Does Pretty Well

OmniPlan GTD Downloaded OmniPlan and while the folks at Omni did a bangup job it’s not all that different than FastTrack Schedule. Maybe a smidge easier. But, then I remember the steep learning curve to get FastTrack noodled out. I’m sure a lot of THAT applies to OmniPlan and made it feel natural (which, to it’s credit, it does).

So, what’s it gonna take to get me to switch from a tool I use regularly to a new one? I trialed it which is precisely what any marketer hopes for – someone giving it a chance. Thing is… I’m not looking for a new tool. So, how does Omni get me to switch?

Well, let’s talk standards for a second. The other day I discovered OmniGraffle exports to OPML, Keynote, and lots of other apps. Same company, different product. I wish OmniPlan had the ability to import a FastTrack document… or anything for that matter. What they have is a really fine version 1. But, what they don’t have is a compelling reason for me to swap horses. I wonder if this is a concious decision or an oversight?

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6 Comments on “OmniPlan Does Pretty Well”

  1. gregomni Says:

    …I wish OmniPlan had the ability to import a FastTrack document… or anything for that matter…

    OmniPlan imports from MPX, MPP, MS Project XML, CSV, OmniOutliner 2 or 3, and OmniGraffle (work breakdown structures right now, but eventually importing PERTs as well). Like with OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner you just open documents of these types in the normal open panel, or by dragging and dropping on the app icon. You can transfer documents via exporting as MPX from FastTrack Schedule and then importing that into OmniPlan. (FastTrack’s native format isn’t publicly documented.) If there are other formats you’d like to import, please send feedback.

    For someone making the decision in the first place, OmniPlan is less than half the price of a new FastTrack Schedule license. For someone like you thinking of switching, OmniPlan is the same price as upgrading to a new version of FastTrack (and we’ll probably offer some competitive upgrade price breaks). If OmniPlan has all the things you are used to, and feels natural and is a bit easier, I think we’re doing a pretty good job for version 1.

    Other potential reasons that may or may not feel compelling are better OS X integration (Spotlight, iCal, iChat, Address Book, AppleScript) and more extensive output/export formats (and — I think — generally prettier output).

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Hey Greg thanks for stopping in. That’s GREAT news you have there. Although, it’s not intuitively obvious that I should “just try opening something”. If there’s no ‘import’ menu item while there IS an export item I’m going to (incorrectly) conclude it doesn’t have one.

    As for pricing… You guys have it in spades if you get a little more aggressive on the comptetive upgrade side of life.

    All the tighter integration (Spotlight and iCal) are compelling. But, you know what gets me? The fact that you took time to monitor the blogs by way of technorati or tags or however you came here tells me you’re plugged into the conversation with your customers. That, more that anything, is what’s going to win me over!

  3. gregomni Says:

    Technorati, FTW! 🙂

  4. appareo Says:

    Hi there,
    I’m just wondering if you are still using Omniplan and if you woudl recommend it?
    I have a bunch of projects I”m woking on and think I need to get some project planning help to keep them in order.

  5. gwhiz Says:

    Appareo –

    I used OmniPlan for a bit while I was doing product management and LIKED IT A LOT. Now that I’m more sales and marketing oriented I’m spending the majority of my hours in Daylite from Market Circle.

    I’d also endorse FastTrack… it’s a bit more complex than I really ever fully tapped into.

    Just my $.02 ~ Gerald

  6. appareo Says:

    Thanks – I’ve decided to go with Omni and so far and getting on well with yi

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