Another Unfortunate Truth?

Global Climate Change is happening. Science supports that. However, there is still great debate as to the cause(s). To conclude this is somehow the cause of anthropogenic (manmade) activity is, at present, a gross stretch of the imagination. (Yes, I work in and around the oil services industry.)

All the benefactors, pro and con, have their engines in motion. Grinding away at one another while real science is being performed and not reported on. Why is this so hard? Politics! Agendas! Profits! I’m telling you, it’s big business for BOTH sides to “prove” themselves right. I just want to know what’s going on. Cause & Effect.

Ross McKittrick and Steve McIntyre have testified before the National Academy of Science and the House has issued the Wegman report. It’s largely going ignored as it’s not part of the formulaic response from the MSM (ie. not part of their predigested conclusions).

Folks, this is anything but a slam dunk. Please, educate yourself in the round. It could very well turn out to be a real issue to become active over or it could turn out to be another Y2K non-event. Yeah, yeah… glaciers melting and all that. But, can we DO anything about it!? Hmm?

According to the Wegman report: “While the paleoclimate reconstruction has gathered much publicity because it reinforces a policy agenda, it does not provide insight and understanding of the physical mechanisms of climate change… What is needed is deeper understanding of the physical mechanisms of climate change.”

Here, here! As I’ve said before, get the BS artists out of the way and let science do it’s thing unimpeded by agendas and predetermined outcomes.

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