Honesty’s Important. Competence is Too!

DreamHost (a California “colo” facility) has been bitten by enough bugaboos to last a while. Power outages, bridging problems, the list is embarassing to them to be sure.

But, you know what? They did the right thing and were wide open about it. For that I’m sure their customers are going to be appreciative and a certain number of them will stick with DreamHost and be quite happy with the newly improved Quality of Service.

We went through all the questions of where to park our servers. We evaluated Digex, Sabre and SBC. But, you know who won out? An up and coming colo facility right here in Tulsa called TulsaConnect. They have this stuff figured out two ways till Sunday. Conditioned power. Redundant facilities. Backup UPS and generators. The best part is we parked some out of the ordinary gear in our cabinet and have had TOTAL satisfaction with their QoS, responsiveness, customer service.

Best of all.. they’re charging Tulsa prices. Which means because their overhead (salaries, bennies, power, rent, etc) is less than the guys in Dallas, Austin, California or Washington… My prices for rackspace and power consumption are super reasonable. Might call them for your next rack – they’re awesome!

Yeah, I’m “pimping” them a bit. 🙂 (No financial interests, yada yada)

[EDIT: FWIW, I’m reading coments over at Phill Ryu’s (yes, he’s one of the “affected”) where DreamHost gets an “F” from the Better Business Bureau. Don’t know if that’s legit or not. If so… OUCH!!]

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