Mr. Gillmor and Blogonomics

There’s a kind of currency in trade in the blogoshpere – the link. I link to you. Maybe you link back. We discover lots of nifty stuff out there and link out to it, yada yada.

Mr. Scoble writes today:

One other thing. I didn’t link to Fred Wilson’s blog. Why? Cause if you really cared you’d have read it by now, right? I assume my readers know how to use Google and TechMeme. Cause you’re smarter than me and I can find Fred in both places right now.

Yeah, Steve Gillmor explained to me why NOT linking is better than linking. Tell me Fred, did your traffic from search engines go up today?

Of course his traffic is going to go up from search engines. How could it not? You’re the Scobelizer!!! I call “bullshit”. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Scoble. I truly do. But, linking is the only currency we have between us (the exchange rate is fixed at precisely 1:1). To rely solely on search engines to fill the gaps seems akin to saying we’re not going to publish our phone number, email, whatever on our sites/blogs… Because, if you really wanted it you’d find it somehow. Imagine if RocketBoom or Ze Frank had given a thumbs up mention to, oh I don’t know, Hush Puppies. You think “Hush Puppies” isn’t going to get some search engine traffic in a few minutes?! C’mon! Ze and Rocketboom are huge! Mr. Scoble’s following is huge too! They can influence. Big time! Why make that hard on the audience? That’s the strength of the web. Other media CAN’T do that (or, believe me, they WOULD!).

Fred Wilson’s blog is here and his feed is here. I don’t care if you follow it through or not. I linked because I give a care about Fred, Gotham Gal and their hobbies. Maybe you will too and maybe you won’t.

Imagine a web with no links. AT ALL! That’s taken a bit to the extreme. But, you do that and you’re back to print. EWWW!

No. Links ARE essential. They’re the “secret sauce”. Without the benefit of Mr. Gillmor’s original context I’m going to suggest he’s got it wrong and reserve the right to be VERY, VERY wrong in the end. 🙂

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