Feeds Exceed Visits!

I just achieved one of my blogging goals. To have more feed subscibers than daily visits. It didn’t last long this morning. But I caught it in the act just before breakfast. Before I’m leaving for work visits have passed by feed subscribers once again.

Seems kind of backwards doesn’t it? To want more feeds than visits… Well, yes and no. See, I blog because it helps me keep my thoughts together, helps me to share what’s going on and to have a breadcrumb trail through the headscratching moments of “Now, how did I arrive at that meme?” Oh, yeah! I’m not about gathering eyeballs and making change off you guys. I’m in it for the conversations. I’m in it for the learning (so, yes, there is the occassional ad and/or affiliate link… all clearly declared as such).

It’s computationally and personally so INexpensive an effort to check a feed. I read WAY more feeds than I perform site visits. When something tugs at me… I dive into the site. If you haven’t subscribed to the g-wh!z blog feed… copy this link into your feed reader or simply goto https://gwhiz.wordpress.com/ and subscribe by way of the feed link on the upper right of the screen. I don’t want to inconvenience you. Eat the feed and visit anytime you like with a clickthrough. Glad to have you.

[EDIT: Interestingly enough, the feeds fell behind page views during the middle of the day and then surged past at the end of the day. That’s pretty cool. Hope it stays that way.]

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