Novatel V640, EVDO, MacBook Pro

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Since the MacBook Pro has standardized on the Express Card format and jettisoned PCMCIA… Apple’s been without an EVDO card option for their pro laptops… That is until now.

Verizon and the Novatel V640 are supposed to be pretty hot. The forums are filling up with underinformed campers out there, though.

I also happen to know a guy close to the whole EVDO side of life here in town… Maybe he’ll drop a line as to what works and what doesn’t with Macs and Sprint’s networks. RD, care to enlighten the EVDO hungry Mac horde? 🙂

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3 Comments on “Novatel V640, EVDO, MacBook Pro”

  1. rdenton Says:

    Sprint is supposed to be getting an Express Card sometime after Labor Day. Definietly the Novatel and likeley a Sierra as well. Also good news fo rMAc users, Sprint now supports their EVDO PCMCIA cards for PowerBooks, though the cards have to be activated on a Windows laptop initially.

    Also of note, Sprint will be getting in the next few weeks a LinkSys Router that works from a PCMCIA EVDO Card. The model is Linksys WRT54G3G-ST. This little goodie does Wi-Fi B and G, also has 4 wired ports and a wired Internet In port so you can use this for DSL, Cable etc. at home or with the Sprint card on the road, at the campground, trade show etc. Should also work with “other” EVDO Cards too. Supposed to sell for around $200 minus the card.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Thanks RD! Folks you may not know who just weighed in on the topic… He’s top shelf talent with regards to cellular support (phones, devices and the melding of same to your favorite gear). Pay attn to what HE says!

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