The Banner is Done!

OK the banner/masthead of the g-WH!Z blog is now complete. Drop in and let me know what you think. Lots of obscure application logos in there. How many can you name from memory?

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2 Comments on “The Banner is Done!”

  1. Pierre Lourens Says:

    Whoa. That’s unique. I like it. 3 of my favorites are at the bottom right corner: skype, garageband, and firefox 🙂

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Thanks Pierre! Had been trying to figure out just what summed me and my blog up nicely for a long time now. I REALLY like GarageBand. Helped me a lot with the podcasts over the past year.

    There’s not a bad application up there. Like em all.

    BTW, I liked your entry on the Motorola phone and where your headed with your blog too. Very nice! Appreciate you!

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