Dot Mac Sync and SyndicationAgent Update

WHOA! Looks like things are happening over in Cupertino tonight and I’d bet a shiny quarter it’s all a buildup to Monday’s WWDC keynote.

I had reason to flush my Safari caches a few minutes ago and it occured to me to sync to my dot mac account, just in case. Once I did that Sync told me ‘syndicationagent’ had been updated. Well, that had to have happened sometime during the day because I performed my last sync at 6:33 a.m. today. Hmm?

Most of you will have seen the Moscone Center banner that’s been all the rage since Thursday evening. On the banner is a pic of the Sync icon (only now it looks orangeish). So, it comes as no surprise then that some of the not so obvious underpinnings are being versioned in the lead up (if that is indeed what is happening).

VERY cool!

Nothing new by way of software update yet. Will keep trying though. Not expecting much.

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