Leopard at WWDC

Post is getting large (editing in real time) 64-bit application support (previously at Unix layer) now all the way through UI framework;
Fully native 64-bit UI in carbon apps (in a fully compatible 32-bit way – no emulation, no translation);

Time machine” – Backups… good practice that noone does (well, 26% of us do in some fashion). Not secure. Automated backups… about 4% of us do that. Change a file and it’s automatically backed up. Restores all the way or one file at a time. Back up to another drive or a server. Basically snapshots (important, but “yawn”). Interface sounds nifty though… Move through Finder (implies Finder is with us for a while longer, ick!) windows through time to pick restore point(s). 3rd party apps are supported how? By default? Searching for documents from the past (VERY COOL!). This is going to royally screw Retrospect!
Package Delivery – Bootcamp will be part of Leopard at ship. Next Gen Front Row & Photo Booth.
Virtual Desktops – (YES!) Spaces for intuitive clusters of apps working together. Dragging from one desktop to another.

Spotlight – Search across multiple machines, remotely, workgroup servers.

Core Animation – (basis for Time Machine) Thousands of layers, start spaces -> goal space & keyframes. Tween is figured automatically. Adds richness to applications “inexpensively”.

Universal Access in Leopard – Rails support, QuickTime closed captioning, VoiceOver now sounds like a real person (FINALLY!)

Mail – Enhancements… Stationery, notes, to-do’s added. Industry standard HTML. Lots of templates. New ‘Notes’ mailbox. Priority, Alarms, tagging is implied. iCal integration. System wide to-do tracker. Drag and drop simlicity for composition.

Dashboard – 2,500 Widgets available today. Getting a full Javascript logger/debugger. Active desktop is implied.

Safari – WebClip (new button in Safari) used to make a widget of Dilbert Cartoon in 4 clicks. (NICE!) Can do this with a section of any Web Page (simpe screen scraping really. but, nice to not have to code it).


iChat – Multiple logins, animated icons, video recording, tabbed chats. Slide sharing of iPhotos, Keynote presentations, backdrops, PhotoBooth effects – Theater style effects. Masking of background (WAY FRIGGIN COOL! Does a diff on background when you step away… doesn’t matter what the background is! AWESOME!) Can even do motion video backgrounds. They keying on that has GOT to be a compuational nightmare!

iCal – moving to multiuser!

XCode – 3.0 released today! Not there yet… Just Checked 🙂
iPhoto – No mention
iTunes – No mention

Leopard Server – No mention

XServe RAID – No mention
Dot Mac – No mention

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