On Apple’s Intel XServes

The three XServes we have in service right now are doing a phenomenal job! Spectacular, really.

Leopar ServerSpotlight Server So, when the new XServes were announced I darned near leapt out of my skin. 5x the performance. Onbard redundant power supply. 3 GHz Quad Xeon. 64-bit. Unlimited client Leopard Server. 2+ Tb of SATA storage. LIGHTS OUT MGMT!

So, like I say, I’m tickled with what we’ve got going now. How much happier will I be (seriously) with all that screaming metal in the rack? To read Dr. Schwartz tell it over at Scobleizer it’s not so much the bells and whistles or the chip speeds… it’s how many requests can you reliably service at once. I wish there had been a bit more detail on RAID and fiber channel on the new XServes. That’ll be important to me.

It begs the question then. Are my existing machines keeping up with requests adequately? Is throughput as good as it needs to be? Memory/storage management optimal?

The answer is an unqualified “No.” By that I mean, I can always use more threads, throughput, memory and storage. I don’t want to have to upgrade at critical points due to low QoS. I want more than I need. By a lot. And, I think these new XServes are going to be just the ticket.

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