Apple Into the Big Time with Core Xserves?

Over at ITJungle a new article on Apple’s prospects in the server space…
Breaking News–Can Apple Finally Break Into the Big Time with Core Xserves?

You know, it never occurred to me how this might play in mainstream IT datacenters. Apple’s about to trudge into some new and unknown space: Mac heavy metal running a major competitor’s OS mostly natively. Why shouldn’t their new Intel based SERVERS be able to do the same thing? Duh. Totally missed that one!

Normally, I’m faster on the uptake on stuff like this. But, admittedly, I’m so enamored of the Apple Mac OS X Server OS I could give a rip about the prospects/implication of XServes running (fill-in-the-blank) Server from Redmond or from Linuxland.

But, spending some time noodling it around this could portend some very real and beneficial uptick on the features and capabilities of the XServe line. More market share (regardless of WHAT it’s running) means more R&D. More R&D means more innovative heavy metal to lean on. Which in turns means mainstream IT gets infected with Apple goodness. Which plays well over into the desktop space (which is on a similar track).

Gotta believe that’s what at play here. Dang those guys working on Infinite Loop are smart!

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