Apple releases 64-bit Xcode Tools (v2.4)

Macworld UK – WWDC: Apple releases 64-bit Xcode Tools

Downloading it now. It’s a hefty little brute at 938.2 Mb. It’s versioned to Xcode 2.4.

If you haven’t yet signed up to be an Apple “developer” let me encourage you. 1) It’s FREE! 2) Should you decide to join the paid program you get pretty decent discounts on Apple branded stuff. Although not as good as large business accounts can negotiate. 3) Should you REALLY decide to jump in “whole hog” (as they say in neighboring Arkansas) then you get ticks to next years WWDC. PLUS, all the monthly CD’s & DVD’s of the materials you could (but no longer have to) download from Apple.

As a paid ADC member I was privvy to all the releases on the Tiger rollout and was mostly interested in the Tiger Server plans. It was instrumental in getting us prep’d and ready for the BFD we rolled out Jan 1 (the Lucen + JBoss vertical search engine I operate). TOTALLY worth the $500 spent.

Now, what could possibly be released at next years WWDC? Something Leopardesque I’m thinking.

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