More Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

You know. There are a ton of problems in/with the world today. (How’s that for a one liner? There’s this guy and he goes into a bar, spies a pretty young thing and drops THAT one!)

I’m watching Larry Brilliant’s delivery at TEDTalks. And he’s quite the presenter. Should be: He heads Google’s Foundation. But, he’s done so much with the time he’s been given here on Earth to make an improvement in the human condition. HIS presence will be missed among us one of these days. He warrants the time of day to listen with rapt attention.

So, I’m cruising along in his presentation seeing pictures that at once are horrible only to find the silver lining in the story. But, then he drops the big one at about 14 minutes, 30 seconds. Bird Flu.

Folks, for all the good it does (and I’m sure there’s some) bitching and bellyaching about the melting of the icebergs due to an average 3 degree F rise in temperatures 300 years from now is not the best use of our time and energy. Important? No doubt. Pandemic Bird Flu could wipe out our entire way of living (heck, our EXISTENCE) if we don’t press some serious early detection and early response systems into play RFN!

Watch Online. Download Audio. Download Video.

Watch it. Think about it. Please, whatever you do… don’t discard this opportunity to learn something new and important. Pass the links above to people you care for. Let’s raise awareness of a very serious, present and real threat to our species. Yes, there are others – AIDS, HIV, etc. all of them crucially important for a variety of reasons. This one is a way of life killer. This one, should it morph over the barrier (and it is likely to) will transmit from human to human within the lifetime of our children if not in our own time.

Please, look into GPHIN too for more info on what YOU can do.

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