Power Outages in Tulsa

Winds came sweeping cross the plains last night and knocked our power offline. We’re going on an hour now.

I’m writing this via the GC89 cellular modem and the PowerBook… Had to check the BFD servers just to be sure everything’s performing as advertised. Happy to report TulsaConnect, our hosting facility (which oddly enough we paid an onsite visit today) is doing just fine. IF power went out to their facility the generators must be doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I don’t much care so long as our servers are accessible throughout.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma has put Oklahomans on notice that rolling brownouts are a possibility. Apparently, there’s more demand for power than PSO can supply. Must be the combination of heat and plain old “Scotty, I need more power.”

It’s pitch black in the house and I can hear Logan sawing logs upstairs. Normally, the AC is loud enough it masks all the house’s sounds with gentle white noise. Now, I hear crickets and cicadas outside. Kinda nice except for the lack of circulating air in the house. Gonna get hot some morning and the whole fam damily is going to have to go someplace with AC in the morn as 105 is just too hot for The Buckley’s of the 21st century to hang around with no AC. Michelle and I don’t mind roughing it. But, the munchkins aren’t accustomed to that yet.

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