Tried and True?

There’s an old adage, “It’s ‘easier’ to keep a customer, than to replace one.” Meaning, from an acquisition side of the equation it’s easier and less costly to keep an existing customer happy and in your camp than to develop a new customer relationship with equal lifetime value.

Wonder if that applies to the employee relationship? I’m sure there’s study out there about it and it’s probably pretty similar to the adage above. Otherwise, why would there be this big emphasis on retention?

If you have smart, talented people hired to do something really, really important (even if it’s only at that point in time and you know it won’t be so important 36 months from hire) and then don’t back up the mission with commitment of resources/resourcefullness… Of course that person’s going to go do something else! Is that the right tack/course/culture for the company?

I’m of course talking about Niall Kennedy’s departure from MS and pondering Don Dodge’s (who I’m honestly certain is a hell of a nice guy) post that, “Well, OK we’ll do fine without all the great people we took the time to recruit, train, provide a high viz platform to so they could then go do their own thing.” What a wack way of looking at things! Don sure doesn’t inspire me to want to shack up with Redmond. And, in the event I ever find myself in a position to say, get acquired by MS… I’m not so sure I’d want to stick around after the M&A dust settled if they’re that blassee. “Yeah, you’re replaceable.” Absolutely. But, it doesn’t need to be said. That’s really unmotivating. A company their size has it’s own gravity for crying out loud. They’re gong to attract people due to sheer mass and size. They’re also going to have a bigger appetite for talent than most companies. Doesn’t it then stand to reason their commitment to ensuring resources are available to that talent should run DEEP?

If I have talented ambitious people in my organization sitting on idle not able to get their intended product out into the light of day I’m going to move Mt. Ranier to get them the resources they need to do their thing. Not be milquetoast about their departure! I’d be pissing mad at my organization for allowing the situation to stand in the first place!

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