Sears Kenmore Whirlpool Complaint

OK, if you’re with Sears or Kenmore or Whirlpool this is for you and your boss. Please, let me know who in the heck to talk to about product complaints within your company.

[EDIT: Sears doesn’t give a rip. So, I’m taking it to the “Consumer Products Safety Dept and encourage you to call them 1-800-638-2772. Well, THAT was a boondoggle. Call your local Consumer Protection Agency (likely a state department). EVEN BETTER! President’s office.]

Here’s the deal. We purchased a Kenmore dryer from Sears (model 417.91142000) which was manufactured by Whirlpool. Purchase date June 30, 2001. ONLY complaint I have is this thing “eats” our clothes. They’re getting caught/wedged in between the paddles on the drum and the body of the dryer and they get twisted up. Too often to the point that the fabric simply rips.

Finally, tonight it did this to three pieces of clothing (see pics below) and I’ve finally had enough! I’m hunting for whoever gives a rip inside your companies and would seriously appreciate ANYONE who can connect me to a friend, relative, friend of a friend of a friend inside the system who can talk remedies with me.

Surely we can’t be the only people with this problem and this model. Nothing at Google or Yahoo. So, I’m going overboard to post this in the hopes someone else might type in the same things I did at the search engines and connect with us. I think you’ll find that we’re reasonable folks looking for a solution (perhaps there’s been a recall we missed… we DID change addresses…) And, if you’re kind enough to supply a decent answer we’ll be kind enough to sing your praises.

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  1. bpoteat Says:

    Hey. I created an account just to contact you to see if you have gotten anywhere with this. We have had our dryer for about 2 years now and have just gotten sick of the straps breaking on all of the clothes of my wife and daughter. It’s ridiculous really. Anyway, please e-mail me if you get this.

  2. bpoteat Says:

    So, it looks like I have a different model from you but the same problem. I talked to Sears/Kenmore but my unit is no longer under warranty so I am basically screwed, even though it is OBVIOUSLY a design flaw. Every one of our appliances we purchased new with our house and all are a Sears brand (our builder has a contract with Sears) – and we have had problems with every single one of them, though this is the worst.

    I asked if there was any kind of recall because this is obviously a design flaw, but nothing turned up. I will be selling the washer and dryer and will NOT be buying any sears brand to replace them.

    As another comment on Sears “service”, the washer wouldn’t work at ALL after we moved in and they told us it would be weeks before they could get the part. What year is this? Did they have to make the part by hand and ride a bike to my house? I basically said I’d just have them come and pick up everything, give me my money back, and I’d purchase the stuff somewhere else. Miraculously, the part was suddenly available with 2 day shipping.

    And Kenmore Quality? Our washer didn’t work when we got it. Our dryer has turned literally hundreds of dollars worth of clothes to trash. Our dishwasher, with the “heat dry” mode turned on, leaves dishes SOAKING wet. Our oven/stove top will turn itself off (both oven and the stove-top heaters) before they reach temperature, sometimes before they even get warm to the touch – and the oven will take up to 15 minutes to get to 350 degrees…not normal.

    Oh, I can say the microwave has worked well. Good job Sears.

    So basically all i can do as a consumer is complain and not buy from them again. And that’s what I’m doing.

  3. Dave Says:

    Did you ever hear from anyone about this? I’m going through a fiasco with a furnace/AC unit. It’s been one thing after another.

    I’d love to find out how to escalate things. Or if there is anyone at Sears who actually cares.

    Email me at the above or I’ll just check back here in a few days to see if there’s anything new.

  4. gwhiz Says:

    Dave – Not a peep. The dryer continues to ocassionally eat a piece of clothing here or there. Just last week it wrung a couple more of the baby’s cloths just like you see in the topmost pic above.

    We’re going to relocate the washer and dryer from being in the basement to a space upstairs. And, guess what!? The Kenmore/Whirlpool logos won’t be anywhere in sight. I’m thoroughly convinced there is no one inside the Sears and Kenmore organizations who give a rip.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just so you know, Whirlpool (under contract) cannot help with any Kenmore appliances. I wish you luck with Sears!

  6. Sara Says:

    Just so you know, Whirlpool (under contract) cannot help with any Kenmore appliances. I wish you luck with Sears!

  7. gwhiz Says:

    @Sarah – figures. There’s no one at Sears who gives a rip in Tulsa anyway. We’ll be buying new before long and will probably spend with Lowe’s. Lately been shelling out a lot for tile, tools and drywall there. In Tulsa at least they’re the best we’ve found at backing up their goods.

  8. Darcy Says:

    This is the first thing I’ve seen on the web about this problem. Thank goodness it’s not all in my head! I’ve lost uncountable numbers of clothing to my dryer. Mainly items that have strings, straps, or ties on them. The strings become hooked on the dryer lint filter and then twist themselves until the strings/straps rip off. Drawstrings -forget it. Camisole straps – gone. Tank tops – don’t think about drying them. Decorative ties on childrens shirts – wouldn’t if I were you. I’m SO mad about this! This dryer is little more than 1 year old and I’ve paid double for it if you count the clothing I’ve had to replace. Is there nothing we can do? Does Sears really not care?

  9. gwhiz Says:

    Yep, I’ve had enough of this thing eating our clothing. Happened again this week (ARRRGGHH!). I’m not feeding this thing our clothing any more. I’d bet it’s cost us as much in clothing as it cost us to buy it originally.

    Just left a message at Mr. Crowley’s office. My fingers are crossed. I really shouldn’t have to “go to the top” to get this addressed. But, that’s where we are.

  10. Donna Says:

    Hey, my problem isn’t with a Whirlpool dryer, but with a Whirlpool Gold range that was over a grand and suddenly the touchpad that controls all functions but the burners just died. In doing some research, I found that this has happened to other, numerous times and I’m trying to collect names and documentation of people who have had this problem so that we can approach Whirlpool and try to get reimbursal for the service and replacement charges.
    Good luck with your quest as well.

  11. gwhiz Says:

    @Donna – My recent experience with Sears’ COO Executive Asst was, um, shitty (sorry to be so coarse about it).

    When the answer comes back, “We’d be happy to send a technician over to check out your dryer (at your cost).” My answer back was choked back down into my throat. It was going to resemble a narsty WTF!!!!????

    This is a design flaw. A technician isn’t going to know any more about product design than my three year old. Might be able to fix a busted whatchacallit or replace a panel, etc. But, when the product is stock and is fouling up clothes (as this product is prone to do)… A technician isn’t going to have the ability to say, “Damn. That’s a poorly designed product. Let’s get you taken care of.”

    A hammer is going to want to HAMMER. Doesn’t matter if it’s a screw, a bolt or a spike. A technician is going to operate similarly… “Ain’t broken. Nothing I can do. Here’s your bill. Thank you very much.”

    And somehow, Sears (at it’s highest levels) thinks this is an adequate approach.

  12. Ron LeTard Says:

    Had the same problem with my oven. F7 = $200+. The unit was less than five years old. I am seeing a pattern here – Whirlpool sells poor quality so they can sell lots of parts. They have no pride in their work.

  13. STEVE BURNS Says:

    Oh yes! I too have fallen for the Sears Kenmore brand name but it;s not Sears, it some other brand! with Kenmore name on it! you would be better off in buying the true brand name.Forget Sears,this company is no longer what it use to be. My range too has this problem,no oven only top burners,the controler went out,I;m glad I did buy the protection plan but with one year left, boy the Service tech sure wanted me to buy another warranty ha! what a joke! do I have to keep buying a warranty to keep this oven afloat? Heck no! I shouldn’t have too !if anymore major problems happen next time I will drop this off at the DAV center and buy a major brand oven with the true name and not a Sears Kenmore,I think the major brands sell their lemons to Sears!Sears was known for there customer service in the sixties,but no more,they sell junk, and no customer service,And this will be their demise.

  14. Jan Hammock Says:

    We purchased a Whirlpool gas water heater. Worked for about a month, now it does not work at all. We had it installed professionally to make sure it was put in correctly and safely. Now the pilot light will not stay on to heat water. We have been without hot water for over a week now. When we called Whirlpool there was no problem at receiving the new part, but they said they would send someone to install the new part. We have yet to see someone to install the new part.

  15. Once upon a day Sears, Kenmore and Whirlpool were synonymous with acceptably good quality.

    Today, I’m hard pressed to recommend Sears, Kenmore or Whirlpool for anything short of a flogging from top to bottom. Whoever is in charge of brand stewardship has my pity. They’re doing a shit-poor job of turning their image around.

    That said, I’ll issue the challenge once again to ANYONE inside these companies to post a friggin comment on this blog (I promise I won’t flame you) and tell all 700+ visitors to this post specifically why we should trust your products ever again. Put another way… Do you care enough about it to step forward and get into a discussion? I alone control the comments here. I won’t let you get flamed.

  16. fdrysand Says:

    Purchased 3 sets of front loaders from sears for our 3 girls for Christmas, however the sears grinch stole that. The first was called on the 24th even though we had a special surprise. Nobody’s problem ! Can’t control that !

    The second was delivered on the 28th and delivery left knowing the dryer doesn’t work. Called service and was passed around to 11 forwarded numbers. When the 11th transferred me back the person recognized my voice and hung up. Nobody’s problem !
    I can’t control that !

    Went to local sears on Saturday to try to resolve, and store manager said he would try but they treat him the same way. Store manager has no authority. He arranged for a replacement, the earliest delivery on the 4th, earlies time please. Got a call that our 2 hour window is 2 – 4 PM. Same window as the 28th when they showed up at 6:15 PM.
    No problem !

    I can’t wait to finish cancelling all 3 orders, sfter non-performance tomorrow.

    Seems some management wizard has decided to de-cetralize all facets of sears business unit and screw up what was once a good, no great Company to deal with.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Kenmore Gas Range Repair, A case study.

    “Thanksgiving is coming,” the little woman railed, “and if you don’t get that stove fixed, I’m going to buy a new one.”

    “Don’t do that,” I begged, “I’ll look at it again.”

    Our stove, only a few years old, has been a royal pain almost from the start. I think it gave us one year of reliable service, then nothing but trouble. The burners on top worked fine, the trouble was the oven. The “bake” function was unreliable. The broiler worked fine but she seldom needed that.

    Frequently when she’d cook something, it would come out undone. I increased the compensation temperature using the microprocessor based control/display function that these new gas ranges have. That did not help. Sometimes it worked fine other times it failed to cook the food. Every meal, where we used the bake function, was a big question mark. Often she would have to finish the job in the microwave oven.

    I’m a technical person but a solution to this problem eluded me. I reasoned, “It wasn’t the gas supply because the top burners worked fine.”

    I took the stove diagram out of the little envelope pasted to the back of the stove, thankful to Kenmore for including it.

    This information used to be regularly supplied on all appliances and electronic equipment.

    Now it is unusual. Without it, I would not even try to find the solution to the problem. If you buy any equipment, even if you are not likely to use this information, you should insist that the seller supply you with technical documentation. Even if you can’t read it, the technician you have look at your appliance will need it. If you have to purchase this documentation when you need repairs, it can be very expensive. If the sales person tells you it is not available, ask to see a brand that does. Sadly, the furthest thing from our minds when buying new equipment is the thought that some day it will have to be repaired.

    I opened up the diagram and studied everything and observed the stove going through its cycle. When I set the stove for “bake” then set the temperature to, say 400 degrees, the glow-plug would slowly come on, get bright red, then the gas flame would come on, burn until the set temperature was exceeded and then go out. A “beep” would signal that the set temperature was reached. Every so often, when the temperature dropped, the glow plug came back on, eventually the gas flame ignited and burned for about ten seconds. This cycle continued until the stove was shut off.

    Seemed simple enough and everything seemed to work as explained in the technical literature but when I put it all back together and told the little woman (actually she’s not that small) to “try it,” sometimes, as usual, the food would not cook.

    Some questions bothered me:
    · Why are they using 3.5 amps (appx. 400 watts) of electricity to keep the glow plug hot while the gas is on? (No wonder I’m broke, the gas and electric companies have teamed up to fleece me!)
    · If I throw this range away and get a new one (the American thing to do), will it be the same technology and the same trouble?
    · Maybe we should just get an electric stove?

    I had to start somewhere, I had to do something or, whether I wanted to or not, I’d be looking at a new stove. I read in the technical sheet from the envelope (shown above) that if the glowbar (glow plug) didn’t reach a current flow of 3.5 amps, the gas control unit would not come on. I thought, “maybe that’s the problem, this device gets very hot and it is usually components that get very hot that cause problems. Further, I found that this glowbar was the same as the one for the “broil” function. A brilliant idea came to me. Take the glowbar off the broil unit and compare resistance readings. Bingo! The “bake” glowbar was 100 ohms more that the broil glowbar.

    “I found the problem honey, I’ll have it fixed today!”

    I went to the appliance parts store and got soaked ($50.00) for a new glowbar. I knew if I went on-line, I could probably get one for under $20.00 but I said, “No matter, the wife wants this problem solved before Thanksgiving.”

    I installed the new glowbar and the stove worked flawlessly thru Thanksgiving and two weeks beyond.

    “Eyoww,” I asked myself, “am I going to have to replace this glowbar every month?”

    Bound and determined to get to the bottom of this problem, I got the diagram back out and tore the stove open again so I could observe the glowbar and the gas flame. I next reasoned that the only thing in series with the glowbar was the relay contacts and the gas control unit. My next likely candidate was the gas control unit. I carefully watched the range go through its cycle again and luckily, I did so at an opportune time: I caught it acting strangely. The gas flame was coming on but only for a very brief time, says four seconds. I asked myself what could cause this shortened on-time? It could be a problem with the control unit but it could also be a lack of adequate current.

    “What would cause inadequate current?” It could be low line voltage. I got out my variable transformer that would allow me to vary the line voltage from 95 volts to 130 volts). I set the voltage low and noted that the gas flame came on for a very brief time or not at all. I set it high and noted that it came on for a much longer time period. Then I remembered that my toaster did not toast bread very well. Everything else in the house worked properly, the TVs, the computer, the microwave oven. Most appliances will operate properly over a wide range of input voltages. So I changed my mind and suspected that the electricity coming into the house was low. I measured it and sure enough, it was low, 104 volts. I knew that occasionally we had brown-outs (very low voltage due to high consumption by many users) but maybe we had constant low voltage. I went down cellar to the electric service box and measured the voltage there and it too was low. I was now pretty certain that the problem was that this type of stove needed to have a minimum of 110 volts to operate properly and it was not getting it. I called the electric company and reported low voltage. The person who answered said she would send a lineman out to check it.

    Two guys showed up the next morning and took the security band off the meter and measured low voltage there. One of them explained, “I was supposed to have six horses pulling the cart but one of them was missing.”
    The next day, four trucks appeared out in front of the house. The crew was down in the manholes all day and by nightfall the voltage was up to 119 volts and the stove was working flawlessly. They returned to my cellar and confirmed that their work of moving my service to a different source had solved the low voltage problem.

    Ever since then, the stove has been working fine but my fingers are crossed.

    There are at least five things I can conclude after the successful repair of this gas range:

    1. Nothing was really wrong with the stove in the first place. The real problem was with the electric service.
    2. I used poor diagnostic skills in discovering the real problem. Checking for proper gas pressure and electric supply should have been done before suspecting components.
    3. It is more likely that this range would have been thrown away and a new one purchased than the eventual solution found. We are a throw-away society. Part of the problem is the business community. They have encouraged the throw-it-away-and-buy-a-new-one mentality. Equipment is designed to not be repairable. Usually no service documentation is provided with equipment to aid the consumer in getting it repaired. Today’s microprocessor based equipment requires magazine length user’s manuals that could easily include a schematic, parts layout and parts list but generally none is available. I always advise people to insist that such information be included when any equipment is purchased, particularly if the item is expensive. Sales people will usually comply even if it means copying such documentation from their service department files.
    4. I would love to know why oven technology is so energy hungry. Why was this oven designed to consume 400 watts of electricity during the burn cycle? There must be a more energy efficient way to ensure that the oven stays lit.
    5. An electrician told me, “Good luck trying to get the electric company, Western Mass. Electric to bring my low voltage condition up to the correct level. Nothing could be further from the truth. They responded quickly, courteously and skillfully. They are to be commended.

    If half the companies who do business with the public were to have the work ethic and good business practices of this company, we’d be a better country for it. Too many shoddy, unethical company policies exist. For instance the communications providers (of all people!) do a very poor job of providing good service response. You are likely to be caught in a computer phone answering system for hours when you need help. The only time they are responsive is when you are purchasing something.
    As I said above, most manufacturers of electronics equipment who used to be so proud of the products they sold, have turned to China to produce equipment. They do not even put their name on their products. Everything is designed to be thrown away rather than fixed.

    Many problems like the one above (which wasn’t even a problem) can be rectified easily if manufacturers include simple repair information but they don’t and they won’t because if one company becomes shoddy, all the others must or they will be put out of business. Consumers are too lazy to do the work necessary to get quality products. They are driven solely by low price. So that’s what they get, low price and throw away products. I fear the end result will be like the picture painted in Richard Brautigan’s book, In Watermelon Sugar. All we will have is “The Forgotten Works,” a huge trash heap.


  18. Jim Campbell Says:

    Your dryer needs different drum baffles. They were re-designed to different height so as not to tangle clothes.

  19. Jim, Thanks for the tip. You have any idea when this redesign happened?

  20. Jim Says:

    I bought a Maytag washer & dryer when the the famous Neptune and matching dryer were introduced. I paid around $2500.00 for the pair at Sears and several weeks passed and the price dropped approximately 50%. The drastic price reduction didn’t make a lot of difference because I assumed I was getting a super quality product.
    This proved to be wrong aside from eating socks a loud bearing noise began and a Maytag repair person gave a price of $700.00 for repairs??? In other words scrap it and try again.
    I have found numerous complaints on the internet describing an inherent bearing breakdown on the Maytag washers.
    I find it hard to believe that expensive appliances such as this are not subject to recall and repair by the seller and or the manufacturer.
    Sears used to gladly repair or replace most any product that they sold if it were due to numerous problems associated with poor quality, design or workmanship??
    What happened to the policy that made Sears famous?

  21. krysti Says:

    We bought a Kenmore frontload washer and dryer 417.80042990 set in 2000. The washer has been replaced and the dryer has ruined more clothes than I care to remember. It eats them and twists them into tight ropes. Has anyone had any luck with getting Sears to say its a design flaw and help you out.

  22. Bought a kenmore dryer sept.1st ’07 so still under warranty and thats a joke. It has not worked for over a mon. The tech has been out 3 times and now I await parts. First the repair center says they mailed them, sets up a appt. then calls the next week and cancels because the parts Still are not here. If you call the repair center you get someone in India who you can’t understand and get transfered to one airhead after another. Bottom line: sears warranty doesn,t mean a thing and try getting help from a protection agency-Ha. If anyone buys at sears, they do so at their own risk. Other than hiring a lawyer, any other suggestions?

  23. Rachel Says:

    I bought my Kenmore dryer in May of 2005. Like a PP my strings, straps, underpants edges, get caught on the end of the lint trap. I’ve tossed many blouses, dresses, etc and it just TICKS ME OFF. And from the sound of things, there’s no resolution in sight.

  24. Tracy Says:

    We have the Sears Kenmore front load set and we have the same problem! Just a few min a go I found yet another tank top with the straps distroyed. So I jumped online and found this blog. The very first tank top I ever lost was actually tied to one corner of the lint trap when I opened the dryer door and now ever sence then each time I dry anything with spagetti straps it gets ruined. So I decided to start useing a mesh bag for those things but with a 4 and 2 1/2 year old I do alot of laudry and don’t always remember. What I don’t get is why it didn’t do it from the start. I think we had ours a year before anything happened 😦 Anyway I wish they’d do a factory recall or may be redesign the lint trap and send out new ones!

  25. sears has no customer service, there products have become shoddy,and contact with there employee’s who are rude just puts stress on you, witch is detrimental to your health. I say this not as a consumer but as an appliance repair person/tech.
    the other day I went to the sears home central parts and repair center here in Metairie LA. to purchase some parts needed to repair a couple of appliances. ie: cloth dryer tensioning pulley and drive belt. This is the first time in about a year that I again try to purchase parts from this outlet. But again left this store and traveled elsewhere to purchase the parts from a non-sears supplier.
    I entered and stood in the only line I saw as the counter person was helping the costumer in front of me. There were two other customers at the other counter and it seemed that the other counter person was taking care of them. I stood there about ten minutes while the counter person shuffled the paperwork for the customer in front of me. As she finished with the customer in front of me she looks at me and states “there is only one line and it is over there”. I then asked were is the line supposed to be since there are no signs,markers. lights,or anything to say where a line of customers should be. She spoke as though I was stupid and that I should go and stand behind the customers that had come in after I . I stated that I just needed a couple of parts and was not here to be disrespected and that I will go somewhere else to purchase the parts I needed.As I was walking out the door she yells that I would be next. To late as I already decided to leave. As I went out the door I told her “the hell with you, I can purchase parts I need someplace else. I then went to the next nearest appliance part house and got the parts I needed in less time I spent at that store. This is the fourth time I have left this store under similar circumstances. The last time I was looking for a very common part ie: defrost termination thermostat. I was told that they don’t stock it and it must be ordered. I was told that it would take seven to ten days for it to arrive. or they could rush it up in one to three days if I would pay $25.00 more. Forget that I went someplace else and purchased the part for about half of what they wanted.
    My craftsman tools seem to break often. They are warranted but when you are in the field it is not cost effective to return to sears for replacement,Don’t seem to have these problems with other tools.
    Hardly a week goes by that one of my customers complains to me about sears. I Know of one man who bought the top of the line kenmore range with the micro-wave on top along with a service agreement that stated they would replace anything that they could not fix. I was at his house making repairs to his a/c system and noticed his micro-wave full of plates and pots. He told me it quit working about six months after he purchased it and the two tech’s that had come to trouble shoot it told him the emitter was bad and the parts were no longer available to repair it. Sears would not honer their service agreement on replacement because the range below still worked, so he ended up use it as a storage compartment. Sear did offer him a voucher of $35.00 toward the purchase of a new range. HA HA> . After repairs to the a/c were completed I offered to take a look at it free of charge. I found that there was only a capacitor bad and picked up a new capacitor installed it and it worked just fine. The part was less than ten dollars. This was seven years ago and it still works fine.So I know you are about tired of hearing from me so I won’t go into the numerous customers problems I here lately about sears washers, dryers, refrigerators,ect..ect…
    Sears appliances are in my opinion no better or any worse than any other brand except they may cost you more {kenMORE}. But as for customer service ,honesty,and respect towards it customers sears is at the very bottom as you can see here on these webs. Thank you for your time, good luck to you all I hope!

  26. I bought a KitchenAid Slide-in Stove from Sears with “all the bells and whistles” in 2004 – thinking that if I spent the extra money on a top quality, brand -named product it would last me a long time. I was sorely mistaken. In January 2008, I started having problems with the oven. Having the extended warranty, I phoned Sears and asked that they fix it. Seven different service repairmen have come to my home, but alas, to no avail. Each one has spent about 15 minutes and stated that he needed to order parts. The parts then came in, with a different repairman to come in and fix it. Each time a new repairman showed up saying that he had to order more parts. If a knowledgeable repairman had come in the first place, ordered the correct parts required, and then did the job himself, I would now have my oven working. I truly believe that Sears does not have a repairman knowledgeable to fix this type of stove. Perhaps they should not offer any high end products since they don’t have the knowledgeable people to fix the products that they are selling, nor should they unjustly take people’s money when they can only pprovide empty promises. In the course of the time taken. I have had several social occasions i.e., my husband’s birthday party with 25 guests and my son’s birthday as well as many other social events.It becomes quite a difficult task when your oven does not work. It also becomes quite expensive when you have to order out takeout food, or go to restaurants to eat. I love to bake and cook. I have not been able to do so for quite a while now. What is also even more frustrating is taking time off from work and waiting for someone to come.I have also had on three separate occasions, a phonecall from the Service Department stating that someone is going to come on a given day and then the person has failed to come or even phone and say that the service call has been delayed for yet another date. The second last person also made my stove worse. He broke the clock, timer and oven light. In reviewing my Sears warranty agreement, Sears has stated that the repairs would be done in an efficient and timely manner. The repairmen have not been efficient and the actual time to repair it has not been timely.
    The last that I heard is that I am now waitng for a part that won’t be available until May.I am being offered a ” meagre buyout”.I feel that it is very unfair since to replace my stove with something comparable will probably cost me another thousand or more dollars of money I don’t have. I had bought the stove on a deferral plan in the first part.
    To top it off, I am only being allowed to use this “buyout” money towards another Sears product. At this time, I don’t feel very comfortable with the way Sears has treated me. I am also now just learning of others who have been so shabbily treated. I had put my trust in Sears. My mom and dad had aways believed in Sears. So have I. Now I just don’t know what to door who to trust anymore.

  27. betsy havira Says:

    I have moments ago written to Whirlpool complaints department……..I detailed my problems with my Kenmore Elite convection/microwave oven…… has no capacity to set oven temperature, cannot convery my favorite recipes……..cannot find out how to do my favorite roasts, etc, etc……….no response from Sears other than to refer me to Whirlpool. ………I have had this unit for a year, just received a request from sears as to whether I want to update my service contract………told them of my problem, no answer………….I did a lot of research on this appliance before I bought it………..comments came back four or five stars…………..WHAT????????????/…my next step will be to contact our local TV journalist who works out a dialog with the manufacturer until the customer is satisfied……..I’m hoping this will not be necessary……….thank you for listening…………..Betsy

  28. @Betsy (and all the rest of you out there)… I truly feel for you. I do. I wish there was someone/anyone in the Sears or Whirlpool divisions SPECIFICALLY for fielding customer service issues like ours. But, there isn’t. Not a single person in these companies is willing to stick their head out of the hole and say…. “Hey, all you folks. Come here. I want to talk this over with you.” Not a one.

    Now, do big box items and their issues suck up a lot of time? You bet. Are there some customers who will be bent no matter what you do? You bet.

    However, doing absolutely nothing outside the very predictable and annoying practice of “May I instead interest you in an extended warranty.” line of crap… alienates me to the Sears and Whirlpool brands. BIG TIME. They’re never getting me back.

    They may very well come out with the coolest appliance since… well, ever! I still wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. I’m so fed up with their gesture to the customer (which, from my vantage looks a lot like they’re flipping me the bird).

  29. V.P. Bergeron Says:

    I purchased a calypso (whirlpool) washer and dryer, supposed to have been the top of the line. Later I found out that whirlpool, owned by Sears, had taken the calypso line off the market because they had many class action suits against whirlpool that the washer was no good. However my dryer broke, and called sears to repair the dryer. The first time the repair man fired the dryer he put a therminster in the machine. After the repair man left the machine starting running the same as before. Needless to say my complaints to Sears was that Sears sent a repair man 6 times to repair the dryer and finally they said they did not know what was wrong with the dryer. I asked Sears to replace the dryer and they refused. The day after my washer went out on me .
    Every time you complain to Sears you get no wear. Sears is the worst company to buy products from and I employ people reading my complaint to be ware. Please spread the word. Prehaps no one will buy . When y ou complain at even the high level their attitude is one of only wanting to sell. They have no customer relations and they dont care. I think the CEO and others need to be bouted out. Please take account of this situation, for your own good. Buyer beware. Sears is a bunch of crooks. They are sucking your money.

  30. k.l.hopf Says:

    Well, i have been suckered seven times by sears: calypso washer dryer set–washer has been the worst i have ever seen, the repair people tell me let the thing eat the motor next time, black mold in the basket from not dumping (made me ill) {that’s two appliances} then microwave over the range: the LED light bulbs kept burning out, now the magnatron is going out and it has taken nearly a month to the the part here…today i was on the phone an hour and disconnected by their people 4 times…blowing my cork now, husband suggests waiting till they fix it and then while the tech is still there throw it in the dumpster.{that’s three appliances}the freezer had the bulb blow out and i am not even bothering with it{that’s four}. the bottom freezer refrigerator has had the arm on the ice maker screw up all the time{that’s five} the range was fixed for tipping over, not properly installed and the cooktop has a problem{that’s six}forget the BBQ{that’s seven}. i got the service agreement which is worthless, they never have the parts you wait months{ENOUGH ALL READY}i will no longer by sears, craftsmen tool, any clothes, jewelry and will complain to everone who will listen, DO NOT BUY ANY SEARS PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER, CANCEL YOUR SEARS CARDS!! AND PLEASE TELL THEM WHY, FILE WITH YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS A CONSUMER COMPLAINT, TELL CONSUMER REPORTS, CONSUMER UNIONS AND ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO NOT TRUST SEARS PRODUCTS. thanks for letting me blow off some steam.

  31. tim Says:

    I have the infamous kenmore calypso and will NEVER buy another hirlpool or Kenmore product aa long as I live, they don’t stand behind their products!’

  32. Carl Schottman Says:

    My mother-in-law received a small refrigerator for Christmas. (She lives in assisted living) Before three months of use the poor box died. It has been wainting for parts for six weeks now with little hope of resolution. They said three months was too long a time to ask for replacement rather than repair. Trying to talk to someone on the phone has resulted in nothing but a circular calling club. The fifth number I was given was back to the store where the fridge was purchased and is now sitting. They said I could make my complaint there. Gee, why didn’t I think of that?

  33. jane Says:

    Well, my problem is with kenmore elite range that i believe is really a fridgeidair manufacture. After only 6 months from purchase date the circuit board/key touch pad had to be replaced fortunately still under warranty. The first replacement was also faulty and had to be replaced again. I had been unhappy with this product due to irregular heating reasons since we purchased as well, so after much complaining involving hours of my time sears did give me an additional years warranty at no cost so I was appeased. Well guess what? One month outside of that warranty the circuit board again is nonfunctional giving me the same F 13 error as the first time which even the repairman did not have a definition for. This repair may cost upwards of 600 or more dollars and I paid $1999 to purchase the range new only 25 months ago. I feel as a consumer that I should be able to have a reasonable expection of an appliances lifespan and 18 months is not reasonable by anyones way of thinking. So I am again spending much time trying to get a satifactory resolution trying to avoid throwing good money after bad. I think I will be looking for a new range but it wont come from sears.

  34. Angie Says:

    G — My frontloader Frigidaire Gallery machine does this too. Purchased in ’99. Really only started happening in the last few months and it only twists and eats very thin fabrics.

    Unfortunately, my parents just bought Kenmore front loading w/d and refrigerator last week — spent probably $2,000. I do hope this doesn’t happen with their machine. I’m the one that convinced them to go front loading!

    Good luck, buddy.

  35. Maggie Says:

    I have also experienced the problems with our Kenmore washer and especially our dryer. After nothing happened at my local sears, so I filed an online complaint with the BBB. I have had one technician come out and look at the unit and another coming (both free of charge) next week. Sears claims that they have not heard about this problem before – I recommend that you ALL file complaints with the BBB . I spoke with the Sears regional director recently. Funny, it seems they don’t like those black marks on their BBB report! I am done shopping at sears! I am also relaying my story on to friends and family in hopes that they will not get screwed over like we did!

  36. K Wilson Says:

    Whirlpool CABRIO – thought this was a great purchase with 4 kids and lots of laundry. Before the 1 year warranty was up needs a repair on the control panel. Thank goodness we received the extended warranty 2 more repairs and the repair man just left and still says F-5, we know what the F stands for, and still whirlpool will not replace the washer, we are not the only one having this same issue. They should just recall the washers

  37. ESBates Says:

    Well, I just finished scrolling through everyone else’s complaints and find myself extremely demoralized. I was really hoping that I would find an answer to my problem.

    I have a Kenmore dryer (mod# 417.80142000) which I actually traded with someone in order to get (we wanted the stackable version and only had a stand alone). I cant say that my problem is that our clothes are ruined because of straps getting stuck and then twisting the clothing until it breaks off (although that does happen on rare occassion). I believe our problem is based on a similar defect though.

    Our problem is that our clothes are apparently getting stuck in the gap between the drum and body of the dryer. Once the clothes are wedged in there they rotate around and pick up a nice dark rust colored stain. Of course, this only seemed to happen with the collars of my dress shirts at first, so we just hung dried those for a while. But now everything is getting wedged in and stained. Shout seems to work fairly well on most of the stains (but there is always some type of remnant left behind). We are pulling out 2-5 articles from each load with this problem, so I would estimate that we are doing an extra couple of loads of laundry every week now just to re-wash clothes ruined by the dryer. (Our family is pretty large, eight in total.)

    If you ever do get someone with Kenmore that will help, please let me know. Thanks.

  38. Dora Says:

    We purchase a refrigerator about two years ago, in 2006. Now it started to fall apart, it is not making ice, so I call the a repairman to come and fix, which he did and he here on time. He said that he had fix it, but never told that the frige was going to defrost and that I was going to have lots of water in my house. My kitchen and dinning room floors got flooded, my center capet is soaked I don’t know if I can clean it, all of my food in the frige is ruined, I had to throw it away. I call to see if I can get somebody over here the same day or probably the next day, but guess what? They are sending me a repairman until Saturday and today is Wednesday! What kind of customer service is that! They know that half of my house if flooded and they can’t even sent some reliable person at least the next day. Very upset customer I will never buy from Sears.

  39. Eric Matus Says:

    We my wife an I married 23 years a go we bought Kenmore and the washer and dryer lasted nearly 10 years. We bought Kenmore again and they lasted about 7 years. We had a house fire about 5 years ago and bought Kenmore for the last time and had to repair the washer at 3 years old and I think it’s water pump may be leaking now at 5 years. We’ve has the same problem with the agitator twisting our clothes up to the point that sometimes they’re damaged.

    What’s worse than the sharply declining quality is the repair service here in San Diego County. More than half the appointments do not occur on the day scheduled. The techs lie that they’ve called with no answer when we’ve waited most of the day with the portable phone in our lap. Right now I’m waiting for the 2nd time on what was supposed to be an 8:30 AM appt. and it’s after 9:12 and no one has called or showed. The technicians do not bring common replacement parts with them like filters for the refrigerator water system or water pumps for the washers. The repair service alone is enough to convince my wife and I that we’re going to buy Sanyo or some other foriegn make. My understanding is all of the US makes are owned by Whirlpool. I guess it’s the Republican party’s idea of free market economy, and anti-trust to let one company own all brands. Kinda like Microsoft owning 85% of the operating system, and office suite software market, only having two airline manufacturers Boeing and McDonnel Douglas and removing all of the regulations governing the mortgage industry so they could create a industry collapse similar to the savings and loan collape deregulation created in the early 1980’s. What fun! Long live Whirlpool (but not their products, for heavan sakes how could they sell more if they make them last?).

  40. Keith Says:

    We bought the Frigidaire gallery series dryer in Jan 2007 and it also eats straps on everything an baby clothes. Material get stuck between the drum and the body… Someone somewhere knows how to make this go away!!!

  41. ESBates;
    If your washer is a front loader then your problem is the detergent you are using. If you dont use a H.E. type liquid detergent the outer drum will begin to build up a layer of soap scum mixed with body oils, and other things that come off of your clothes. Occasionally a piece of this comes loose, and due to the dirt in the washes you do can be anything from a light grey (body oils) to a rust brown (think baby poo color). It then gets on your clothing and VIOLA! you have a stain. Once loaded into the dryer it darkens and sets the stain.
    You can fight back though. Use only H.E. liquid soap and once a month use some affresh tablets in the unit. (google for affresh.)
    FYI I am the #1 contributing experts in the home improvement secrtion at hxxp://justanswer(period)com A pay for answers web site. I have seen many customers come through the site and I have yet to have one say this didnt work.
    If you have any questions you can request me personally by including “for the home smithy” in the question line.
    Admin / moderator, if this is inappropriate please edit. Thank you.

  42. ESBates Says:

    The Home Smithy:

    Thanks for the info, but Im not sure if your thoughts really apply. Although our washer is a front loader, we have already been using H.E. type liquid since before we even got the washer/dryer system.

    We are pretty convinced that the problem is solely the dryer, and may be a faulty baffle that someone mentioned earlier (or maybe at another site I researched). It makes the most sense because we tend to find clothing stuck in the space between the drum and the housing and when we remove it we notice that its covered with the rust colored stain. We ran a rag in that space and it came out covered with the stain.

    We thought about buying a new baffle, but I think we are leaning towards just getting another dryer at this point because we are increasingly losing more clothes. The problem that we now face is that we want to keep the stackable option, but are limited to what dryers fit on top of our washer.

    The good news is we heard that GE makes dryers of higher quality that mount on to our washer, so we are going to look into that.

    Good luck to everyone wiith their problems. Thanks for everyone’s input.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    just a heads up to all having a problem with this model it is not a whirlpool it a frigidaire model with a kennmore name on it not sears issue they have there appliances built for them.

  44. Jason Says:

    I am a retired Sears service tech. So much of the information in this thread is simply inaccurate.

    Sears (warts and all) is the only major company left doing their own service.

    Frontlaod washers have had some issues especially those built by Frigidaire and Maytag, but the Kenmore label (made by several companies) is still a selected product from among the best offerings by those manufacturers. Kenmore cooking, laundry, refrigeration, microwaves and dishwashers are as good or better than others.

    Call Sears for service. Yes, service costs money but so do those clothes that are being torn up.

    Also, the smart shopper buys the Protection Agreements. That way, if 4 years later the machine cannot be fixed, you get a new one.

  45. BOB Says:

    GE Washer & Dryer from Sears. Sears repair was replacing the bearing on a less than 3 year old washer where he BROKE my washer tub. Was to be back in one week to replace tub. That was a month ago. numerous calls produced a different answer with every call. New tub arrived at my house today, but Sears says it will be another 16 days before they can install.


  46. Dave Says:

    After researching this problem for my Kenmore 417.80042990 dryer, I found that others with the same problem purchased and replaced the felt seal on which the drum revolves. What happens is that, over time, the felt gets compressed and thus a space around the drum develops, which space catches clothing.
    I purchased the parts (PS470317 & PS460194) from (, and followed the instructions that others who replaced these parts gave (scroll down on this page
    The catch for me was the first step, getting the top off. I had already taken the screws out of the back hinges that secure the top. Although apprehensive about damaging and scaring the dryer, I finally decided to wedge a flat head screwdriver in the front just under the top, and the pressure clamps gave so that the top popped up. From there is was easy for me: I found the two screws that need to be removed in order to remove the entire front panel. (I removed the whole panel instead of simply letting it hang forward on its bottom hinges.) Once removed, the problem and solution were obvious to me: the felt seal was compressed and needed to be replaced.
    I followed the instructions of others, as mentioned above in the link.

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