Lunch with JP

Lunch with JP of Design Tastes Good was, well, tasty and… good.

I guess it had been over six years since JP and I worked together. I hired the firm he was the chief deisgner muckety muck at to redesign the experience side of They did a marvelous job by the way. Now, JP’s directing information architecture over at WinnerComm (having been around the block once or twice since then). They’ve done a ton of super cool stuff for ESPN over the years – video, interactive, web, you name it… they’ve done it (or will). If you need top shelf talent give them a shout. Tell JP Gerald said to call (just to prove to him I’m not the worthless sack of potatos he’s been told I am).

BTW, I know a lot of the rest of the crew over there from previous life and they’re all superbly talented.

Reminder… Tulsa Geek Dinner planning is queueing up. Interested parties who haven’t already signaled interest should do so RFN! Weathers starting to cool and there’s planning to do!

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