Microsoft Abondoning the Mac Platform?

A new comment at Applepeels: The truth at Apple is stranger than fiction sheds some interesting light on the path Apple has taken on the developers side of life and the impact of that path on commitments from large developers such Adobe and Microsoft.

Somewhere near the bottom of the comment the “Blabbering Tin-Foil Hat Poster” suggests Microsoft might not reup for another round of commitments from their Mac Business Unit.

Now, lets hash that a bit… Tons of options coming out to Mac’s version of MS Office. Some more compatible than others with the real deal. But, none are more compatible than Microsoft’s own. Right? I mean to say… whose app is going to be most likely able to open back versions and save out to back versions most seamlessly? MS’ own of course. Won’t be OpenOffice or any of it’s ilk.

So, IF that void ever appears what options will be available?

I think the most likely to occur will be to run Basecamp or Parrallels (or similar) on the Mac with a copy of your Windows apps floating about as a run time. LOTS of things would need to come together in a short amount of time for this to be seamless and interoperable with other apps.

Maybe that’s some of the magical stuff Mr. Jobs was eluding to on stage at this years WWDC. Hmm?

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