Lead to Gold and Perpetual Motion Machines

Wired News: Perpetual Motion Claim Probed

Can you fathom the implications of such a technology as that linked to above and how radically it could change civilization as we know it today?

Can’t go akimbo to the first law of physics? Pfhaa! We as a species get lots of science wrong on a regular basis. I can’t cite the example but one of the long standing laws of physics was challenged some years ago and failed to live up to the rigors of new scientific understanding and was abruptly chucked out the window (specifics of high school tutelage has fled my memory). And, I think it’s highly likely humanity will STUMBLE into big ideas that change the world… completely by accident.

Humor ahead

No one really knows the history of the wheel. There probably weren’t two guys in a garage trying to invent this thing with VC backing (THAT would make a good Hugh MacLeod cartoon! or maybe Ponzi could gig Mr. Pirillo into a new Blaugh)…

Anyway, all this to say I think it’s going to take someone to accidentally fall into just the right scenario with the right degree of curiousity and smarts to know they’ve not just failed at what they were intending to do but accidentally succeeded at something truly amazing.

I hope these guys have something amazing on their hands.

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