Apple, Creative Settle Dispute

If you can’t beat em, pay em off. Apple & Creative Announce Broad Settlement Ending Legal Disputes Between the Companies.

Back when Sim Hoo announced they were going to beat Apple with something new and exciting I had a vehement reaction unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I remember it really well. It was a cross between a snort and a laugh… but the air was trying to go in as it was also trying to go out. I dang near choked myself blue, my eyes were all teared up and my ears rang for nearly an hour. Honest to God truth. Like inhaling a gnat or something while getting the Jackie Chan style treatment to the head.

So, when I saw the press release I felt like Mr. Hooey finally got his day. Apple must have REALLY tred all over Creative’s intellectual property. If it wasn’t for deep pockets… I don’t suppose we’ll know where that one could have gone.

Now, Creative has cash in the coffers to pound the hell out of Zune and the cell phone co’s. While Apple essentially passes “go” but pays $100M.

Oddly, there’s some inequality in this deal… several people are losing their jobs today and in the coming days at Apple Stores Retail for Leopard related activity (still not clear what really happened there) and maybe cost Apple all of $1,000 (before legal fees). Some doofus gets akimbo with Creative’s intellectual property and costs the company $100 MILLION. Wonder if their box was packed for them and a free escort to the parking lot was provided? Kinda doubting it.

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