Griffin Technology’s iFill

Griffin’s come out with a LOT of neat new Mac oriented sound stuff lately like the FireWave (Firewire based 5.1 surround sound for your Mac!).

But the coolest by far is the iFill which records MP3 streams directly to your iPod. For instance, I’m listening to KMHD out of Portland via iTunes. It’s some really nice jazz to blog to.

I’m anxious to set iFill up to record tonight so I have bandwidth friendly muzac at work for tomorrow. We’ll see… Now, I’m wishing someone would come out (and they’ve probably already done this) a way for stations to broadcast the meta for songs (yes, and ads too) that can get slurped into our devices. THAT would so totally rule!

Wonder if Mr. Wilson over at Positively Tenth Street has found this yet. Of all the feeds I read his is the most music centric life of anyone I know of (except you RD! you just need to blog more).

The days of “my local radio stations suck” are OVER. My iPod jacked into the car and I have ZERO need for radio except when the tornado sirens are wailing.

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