Perth, Australia and PowerBook

Ughh! I’m prepping for a trip to Perth (of all place) in early November.

Qantas has already said no Dells and now they’re contemplating no PowerBooks. Listen you Qantas weenies! I’ll be toting the 17″ lap heater. NOT the 12 or 15″ pizza ovens.

Might be a good reason for me to just go United and be done with it.

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2 Comments on “Perth, Australia and PowerBook”

  1. aRdent Says:

    A quick google of Qantas and Dell sure brought lots of hits. Wonder who owns/operates the 747 that comes in to Louisville full of new Dells? “Sir I’ll need your passport and the make and model of your of laptop beforte boarding.”

  2. gwhiz Says:

    It’s going to be something like that Ron… Michelle made a good point… what happens to the laptop that comes out of sleep in the belly of the plane? (Happens as often now – if ever – as it will in the future). Haven’t had any fires that I know of to date and the Dells and Macs aren’t going to travel any more tomorrow than they did yesterday.

    Still, airline security’s pretty important. They’re making the right decision and it consequently is one more little factor in forcing the mfg’s hand in getting batteries right once and for all.

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