Sprint Releases EVDO Rev. A Card, Faster Than ‘Regular’ EVDO – Gizmodo

Sprint Releases EVDO Rev. A Card, Faster Than ‘Regular’ EVDO – Gizmodo

By now, you trustly loyal readers know I’ve fallen helplessly in love with wireless computing. My dear little Sony Ericcson EDGE card has done a marvelous job. Since I travel a fair bit I’m reluctant to offer it for sale to go to EVDO. Speed is of secondary concern. Coverage is primary. I’m just not sure I’ll get the coverage domestically and overseas by switching away from GSM + TMobile. Oh, and the fact it works like a friggin champ on my PowerBook… utmost concern!

Whaddya think RD? You of all people would know…

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2 Comments on “Sprint Releases EVDO Rev. A Card, Faster Than ‘Regular’ EVDO – Gizmodo”

  1. aRdent Says:

    EVDO Rev. A is another major speed boost, up to actual DSL speeds on Wireless. Sprint will have it deployed in several areas by end of 2006 with much of the US covered by end of 2007. This should actually give real-world speeds of around 400kbps upload and 700kbps to 1.5Mbps down. This is going to make a whole new gerneration of streaming media and mobile web applications possible for wireless mobile devices. The Sprint Novatel S720 Connection Card is coming in the next few days or so and while it is PCMCIA only, it is also EVDO Rev. A. There are articles on MobileBurn.com, phonescoop.com, etc. Just think what you can do with one of these cards, the Linksys Router and a POS system!

  2. aRdent Says:

    The “real” issue here is that Sprint desperately needed an Express Slot Card before everyone went back to school, etc. and won’t have one for at least another month or so. Many, many people could have used that immediately, while only a very few will get any advantage from a EVDO Rev. A card until late winter or early spring of next year.

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