$1.95 Home Phone Service!? That’s Right!

Ian’s back in school and I asked his teacher who I should notify about his Native American status (he’ll receive his roll card sometime this year). And in the course of the conversation she shared something with me worth sharing with YOU:

$1.95/month residential phone service to people who present their CIDB card (or to those on certain government assistance programs). I happen to be of Cherokee lineage but I suppose if you’re Creek, Osage, Choctaw, whatever… your CIDB cuts through a lot of baloney.

So, I go to the store, ask a LOT of questions and sign up. Easy as 1-2-3.

Locally we pay about $32 or so for basic phone service. No caller id, no call waiting, no extras really.

On this discounted plan, after taxes (can’t get out of those), you wind up with about a $7/mo phone bill and pocketing $25/month.

Company is called The Pager & Phone Company. They have Oklahoma City and Tulsa locations. OKC # is (405) 799-1500 and the Tulsa # is (918) 749-9191. (They’re also in Kansas City, Springfield and St Joseph, MO). They can only switch people who are on AT&T (or SBC). So, if you’re on Valor telecom… no dice! Might call them first to see if your phone company participates in the program. Valor doesn’t.

If you sign up or pass this info along to someone you know who’s eligible – Please, mention my name… Gerald Buckley (in Tulsa) and we’ll get a credit of some kind (think it’s $5 per referall). Of course, if you refer someone and you’ve signed up… YOU’RE eligible for the $5 credit. Take it, you earned it!

Sometimes good deals come along!

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