Hey RD!…

MacNN | Mac compatible Sprint EVDO card

RD… what do you know about the Aircard 595U? Looks like it’s got it all… EVDO, EGDE, GPRS, Rev A and Rev 0 compatible. Do tell…

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One Comment on “Hey RD!…”

  1. aRdent Says:

    Looks like a nice package. It’s still PCMCIA size, but has an available dock with USB dongle for those with Express slots or dekstops. We haven’t heard about it internally, but clearly some cusotmers have.
    I personally verified the compatibility of two of the existing cards with a 17″ PowerBook G4. Both the Sierra 580 and Novatel 620 were immediately recognized and connected smoothly. Unfortunately cards still have to be “programmed” on a PC and any troubleshooting about failure to connect or error codes havs to have the PC interface. Now the challenge is to find out if Connnection Manager will work with Virtual PC on the G4.

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