The HP Way is Dunn, Over, Kaput

Voice your disgust directly to the HP Board via this form.

You know it’s going to be a bad day when… One of your most ardent Directors airs your dirty laundry in the public square. This isn’t just ANY old Board member either… This is Thomas Perkins (yeah, THAT Perkins) and the company is HP.

Seems the Chair of the Board took it upon themself to investigate a leak. Now, that isn’t the bad part. There are legit ways to do that. But, no, this person authorized their chief outside legal counsel to pursue questionable tactics (and the method employed is admitted to).

I happen to have held HP stocks in many of my mutual funds as of this morning. I am now out of those positions and will await the HP Board to deal with the matter.

I sent the following a few moments ago:

I feel STRONGLY that the conduct displayed by the Chair of the HP Board of Directors with respect to the recent investigation into leaked information to is terribly inconsistent with the core values of the Company. As a long time share holder I have put an immediate sell on all of my mutual funds holding your stock (regardless of position) and will NOT hold your stock through any knowing manner until the Board sees fit to deal with this matter through objective means. I will also vociferously call for same via blogs and encourage you to watch sites like and to follow just how badly this has affected the brand.

Signed in disgust,

Gerald Buckley

The fact that Mr. Perkins issued this statement on KPCB letterhead tells me something (maybe I’m seeing ghosts where there aren’t any)… Khosla, Doerr, Byers, Joy and Powell might just be on a quiet mission of special importance.

[EDIT: A new filing from HP today at Yahoo Finance. Basically says we might have done something a little iffy but outside counsel said it was ok. We won’t do it again and oh, by the way, the California Attorney General is investigating us.] LAME! LAME! LAME! Probably within the letter of the SEC requirements. But, LAME!

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