Apple Stores, Sept 12

I’m betting a BIG Apple overhaul on Sept 12. Here’s what seems to make sense to me:

You have the Apple Expo in Paris show going. Lord knows what nose thumbing they’ll do at the French legislators. I’m supposing Apple told the Frenchies, “Lookit, we’re coming to Paris. We’re going to do a big reveal in your town and YOU want to legislate iTunes and the FairPlay DRM!? Fine… we’ll stay home. We can do this anywhere.” Pardon!? Mon diue!

You have the Big Show in California where “Showtime” seems to be the theme. Deduction = iTMS full-length movies are announced.

You have 10.4.8 currently in seed to us developers. Now what would make a LOT of sense is to announce Bittorrent goodness baked into 10.4.8. Makes sense for movie downloads right? And, that hat tips an inherent reveal of what will come in Leopard.

You have Ron Johnson (veep Apple Retail) at ThinkEquity. Thinking new video iPod announcement/hands on demos. Plus, I’d further predict a jab at Vista losing it’s top champion yesterday.

I’m gonna wager 10.4.8 is released on the 12th, that it contains updated goodness for the announcements from the days events AND if it’s not released on the 12th there is a release date promised.

And, while my speculative wheels of rumor are rolling… I bet there’s and Apple Store tie in for super fast downloads of movies (or a come in and get a discount movie while you’re in the store kinda thing) to increase foot traffic ahead of the holidays.

Blogging while iTunes plays “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors

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