While dropping Ian off at daycare 5 years ago today I was stunned to see Tower 1 on fire. It left me confused and concerned.

Driving away from the sitter’s the radio reported a second plane’s impact. Then the confusion turned to outright raw anger.

I went straight home. Not knowing what was coming next and promptly tied up the phone line with my wife (who worked in the travel industry at the time). We talked while we both watched various channels as the towers smoldered and then fell.

A beautiful late-summer morning turned gray and bleak tinged with the boiling mad feelings that wouldn’t be assigned to anyone for a while.

Ian (our first) was less than 6 months old at the time and I distinctly remember the urge to turn the car around and scoop him up and take him home with me. When it all shook out I was mostly mad at our inept handling of matters that led up to 9/11. We could have and should have dealt with Al Qaeda over the years in the harshest and toughest measures conceivable (by law or covertly, I don’t much care and likely wouldn’t have then either).

Fast forward to today. Now we have MORE layers of inept bloat in Washington, not less. ZERO on Zawahiri or bin Laden (not that it matters now they’ve decentralized their leadership). A war that we can’t seem to scrape off our shoes. And, a cabinet that doesn’t much seem like they’re in control of matters inside or outside the beltway. How many other seedling groups are there with big aspirations to poke the giant? How are we dealing with them? (Better than Louisiana and Mississippi I hope… but privately doubt).

From my hawkish/conservative vantage we’ve poohed the screwch. In the early days when President Bush had a clear mandate and the street cred to do something about it… His State of the Union speech gave me hope. In it (and I paraphrase), “We will go after those who harbor or provide safe haven to the bad guys.” All respect for the Presidency. But, five years later, I’m call BULLSHIT! We can’t go into the mountains of Pakistan? We can’t do anything about Syria? The words ring hollow and five years later all we have is a mess and a bunch of out of reach, untouchables. PFAW!

I can’t wait for November.

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