ARD & Acrobat 8

What with the new Leopard coming out this spring ’07 the timing of the Acrobat 8 announcement leaves a bit to the imagination. See, at the heart of OS X is the PDF rendering engine. It’s really integral to the underpinnings of OS X. At least the graphical portions (which is saying a lot).

Now, with Acrobat 8 on the horizon I’m really curious to know if 8 is going to be a universal app or not (thinking not). But, if it is… there could be some serious goodness in store for the graphical side of Leopard. More on the pending goodness of Leopard’s file system in the next posting… “ZFS file system”

There’s this itch in the back of my head though about Acrobat 8’s “interactive collaboration” features. That really smacks of Window’s Remote Access (which outright ROCKS! It’s so much faster than what we have on Mac), VNC and Apple Remote Desktop. One of the Leopard features we DID see what in iChat’s screen sharing/control. Granted, we didn’t see all of it. I wonder if that’s ARD technology or Acrobat technology? Hmm?

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