Jonathan Ive.

Many think this or that about the next Jobsian in training. I’ve said, and will maintain, that person is Jonathan Ive, Sr. VP of The Amazing at Apple. No that’s not his real title.

BusinessWeek has just posted an interesting look into Mr. Ive and team’s approach to design (in his own words even!).

What caused me to puke little Bondi iMacs was this, “Apple doesn’t have a model that scales,” from HP design chief Sam Lucente. OK, Sammy’s probably still smarting from that ass kicking Mrs. Fiorina delivered by partnering up with Apple’s iPod. Sure Sammy… You keep lapping it up over there with Ms. Dunn. What was the last product HP came out with that won the hearts and minds of the design concious consumer. A laser printer? In 1992? Oh, yeah… THAT was friggin brilliant! VERY hot!

Meanwhile, Jonathan Ive and crew will continue to soundly beat you at every corner on design appeal…

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