Seeing Things A Little Differently

What started out as a data viz jaunt went quickly into low cost production (which Mr. Scoble’s been talking ’bout lately).

I’m AMAZED at what Sarah McLachlan did with the whole low cost production theme ($15 for a music video). It’s brilliant. It’s inspiring. It’s spot on message-wise. It makes me want to package up the family and go do some first hand good-deeds in the world. Lord knows it needs it.

Take away: If you haven’t put a giving component into your personal or family spending budget… Please, consider it. Do some research into those programs that resonate with you and hop in eyes closed. Help sponsor something amazing in the world. (A good friend, Terry Hayter who Michelle and I met during our adoption process in China helped sponsor fresh-water wells in far away places. His charitable works inspired us and I hope might give you an idea or two…)

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