Tweaker Extraordinaire?

In response to Seth’s Blog: Where are the tweakers?

I’ve had the good fortune to know a few extraordinary tweakers in my day. My dad… is a tweak freak. He has the shade tree mechanic gene. JP over at Design Tastes Good… Mongo tweaker of process and sites. I don’t know where Byron Norris or Sean McGee have gone off to. But those guys were tweaker dee and tweaker dum – if I ever saw a pair.

All the art directors and illustrators I’ve ever know in my life are habitual tweakers. Lynn Eskridge (Dallas). Clay Turner (OKC). John Minson (OMG! OKC). Clement Mok (friggin amazing!). Ron Fleming (Remember those cool cut-away, dissected Ferrarri’s… yeah, he did those). Tim Jessel (oyvey!). Let’s not forget the likes of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan… tweak their games? Heck yeah!

So, just what kind of tweakers you’re after on any given day… They’re out there, quietly doing their thing. Pushing their stuff to the max and deconstructing it to do it all over again the next day. I admire these folks because their last best work is their own high watermark and fair game for teardown.

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