ZFS file system

There’s this niggling suspicion in my noggin. Makes me think Apple’s HFS+ path has run its course.

ZFS as a file system is just so much better. What with the opportunity available to Apple to make inroads to corporate and government accounts by moving over to ZFS… WOW!

From over Slashdot way:

More ZFS new from the Leopard front. nezmar writes “From the AppleInsider forum comes an interesting discovery about Sun’s ZFS and Apple. A user who has the Leopard developer preview searched the system with Spotlight and found a mention of ZFS. He says: ‘There is no file system bundle for it, nor is there a mount utility or any other one (no fsck, now newfs, etc.). There is, however, a changed vnode.h.’ Looks like the story back in May might have some truth after all.”

I’m a total sucker for Apple pulling as much oxygen out of the CIO’s arguments as possible. I’ve seen MANY a veep of I.T. poo poo the superior platform out of ignorance or based on the old “Appletalk’s too chatty on the network” garbage. PFHOOEY! I say whittle away at every leg of the CIO’s milkstool of arguments til the thing no longer stands!

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