Apple Tells Podcast Ready “Cease & Desist”

From the Listening Post at Wired…

OK, so a bunch of us have bandied about the old “p” word. Used it a time or two myself. Now Apple wants to shut down or otherwise govern its use!? When they don’t even hold the rights to the word!? Huh!?

OK, in recent memory you had Tim O’Reilly’s outfit caught up in a trademark riff. A bit later it’s Google trying to become a noun again instead of a verb. Then this week it was Mike Arrington over at TechCrunch. Today it’s myPodder. Sheesh! Enough already!

Folks do you get confused when you hear the term “podcsat”? Do you get addled and wonder… Well, there’s a term… I don’t remember what that’s associated with. Hmm, Apple? Zune? Or was it the iRiver? Maybe it was Adam Curry? Then again it could have been Tristan Louis or Dave Winer? Maybe it’s Howard Stern… or maybe it was fishing for whales!

If anything I think Apple’s laying claim on the term is overreaching their legitimate intellectual property. They ought to just back off an let a thousand flowers bloom. Next they’ll want to to shut down the PodShow, podbop, PodTech, iPodder and lord only knows how many other audio related *pod* isms. This road only leads to bad places for Apple.

So, to Apple I say, YOU cease and desist this silliness. We got Patricia Dunn and we can get you and your little dog too!

(I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed)

I can’t resist… What’s next? iChat maybe. Now we can no longer “chat”. Or the iSight. “Sight” is now prohibited too.

(I REALLY think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed)

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