What’s Done is Dunn. Fire the Hurd.

Next steps for Hewlett-Packard – Valleywag

I wake up to find that bin Laden might be dead (again), that spinach might be ok to eat again and that Patricia Dunn did the honorable thing and stepped down.

Better late than never! Might actually turn out to be a good day. (I’m coming across as Eeyore today aren’t I?)

However, like Mr. Scoble, this whole board is tainted. Mr. Hurd certainly is. The remaining board members certainly are. And, why the hell is Mr. Hurd taking the chair of the board!? A sentiment I’m not alone in. That is specifically against the rules as THEY set them. If memory serves Sarbanes Oxley recommends the CEO and the Chairman NOT be one and the same person.

The investigations will undoubtedly continue. Charges will be filed. I gotta believe Ms. Dunn is square in the crosshairs. Now, why she’s in charge of anything remotely related to this investigation is beyond me. This deal goes from bad, to worse, to worse still… where it goes from here seems clear… worser stiller.

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