Safari RSS to Google Reader

I’ve become a huge fan of Safari as an RSS reader. It’s just better than everything else as far as I’m concerned.

But, then again, Google Reader’s getting a ton of rave reviews from people I respect a lot. So, now in the process of getting all my feeds ported to Google Reader.

First obstacle, getting my Safari feeds exported over to OPML. Automator action available! Created an OPML file just fine. Not having such a grand time uploading it to Google Reader though. Anyone successful with this via Safari yet?

I did add a couple of feeds via the Subscribe… link and it’s straight forward enough. Reader has one thing I’d like to use but won’t – Email. First, I don’t have a GMail account and don’t want one. So, emailing RSS stuff via Reader is out of my immediate reach. I bet it’s nice.

Apple’s new Mail app is supposedly going to make all that a lot easier (or so the WWDC session seems to suggest). I haven’t tested it out yet. What I don’t particularly like about that, though, is YAP (yet another app!) getting in between me and the content. Seems kind of counter intuitive to be monitoring web-based content in an email app. But, I’ll remain open minded and give it a chance…

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One Comment on “Safari RSS to Google Reader”

  1. sledgehbk Says:

    There is only bloglines. Google reader falls waaaay short.

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