Novatel U720 USB EVDO Sprint

FCC find: Novatel U720 USB EV-DO modem for Sprint – Engadget

Nifty. But, I think I’d still rather have the WRT54G3G-ST.

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2 Comments on “Novatel U720 USB EVDO Sprint”

  1. aRdent Says:

    Now appearing at a Tier 2 Tech Support Lab near you. Played with this card for a while tonight. Worked fine in Dell and the G4 PB. The “card” is a bit smaller than a sidekick and can be plugged in directly, and promptly bent off, or connected via an odd two plug USB cable. Book says both male plugs of the cable need to be plugged into the host, but it worked fine with only one. So when do we get EVDO Rev. A in Tulsa, Houston, etc.?

  2. rdent Says:

    OK, we have now been ablr to get out PwerBook G4 in the lab to work with the U720 with the “tweaking” from However, this will not be supported for customers due to the fact that it requires mods, etc. The fix is from:

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