RSS Revisited: Safari v. Google v. ??

OK, Mr. Cutts’ review of the Google Reader is pretty great. Saved me a lot of poking and prodding and I’m weighing in with my bit. First, Safari still reigns champ in my book. However…

Google Reader has some really fine extras that wouldn’t be too hard to match. I find myself sending a LOT of feed entries to folks I know. Some by IM, some by SMS, others by email… Which made me wonder… Hmm, I have this nifty new OS waiting to be evaluated. The mail client’s supposed to have RSS built in. Let’s check that out too. It’s in a limited review mode right now. So I’m not going to pan the thing too hard just yet. But, if it doesn’t get better sometime soon (say, by Spring ’07)… All I can say is Google Readers got it trounced.

All said Safari’s a really respectable feed reader. I’ve loaded it down HEAVY and it’s snappy, responsive and has all but one feature (which I might just take a crack at writing myself): functionality.

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