Do The Engines Suck? Or Just the Searches?

Battelle’s book, “The Search” has this nifty little bit about intent.

The engine that can anticipate my intent (somehow, someway) will win huge. Until then… search results are going to be largely hit and miss.

Mr. Scoble’s talking about MS Live having a much better search results page today (vs. something they previously had). Personally, I never eat that dog food… Don’t know why. Well, urm, yes I *DO* know why: I’m a Mac user and am loathe to visit anything in ‘that’ domain. There. I said it in full, snobbish transparency. I must get extra credit for that or something. ahem…

Anyway, once the engines have better hooks into what it is our intent was likely to be (maybe based our history of interests, recent click trails, etc) THEN they’ll have something eerily close to mind reading and akin to predictive behavior.

But, do we really want that? At what expense do we have an intent-based search results list?

Personally, I’d rather be a better searcher than have some big bucket of agreggated behavior on my browsing history in someone’s bucket. AND, if that day ever comes I had better have the opportunity to clear that cache any time I like OR have it suspended any time I like.

I think the engines and their algorithms are fairly good (for English content). I think it’s the searching criteria we users define that is lacking most of the time.

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