Save on your Cox Cable Bill…

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Danged blood suckers! Opened my cable bill and it went up $4 this month. That’s roughly $15 over the past year it’s gone up. And, why!? They’ve consistently assumed I wanted their fastest internet package.

Didn’t ask. Just did it. I fired SBC aka AT&T recently for this kind of stupidity (now pay $2/mo for basic landline phone service). But, I digress… So, I called and had Cox ratchet internet access down to the slowest they offer. Saved $15.

But, if there’s a legal option… “Stick it to the man!” I always say… Once every twelve months call Cox up and ask for the “hardship discount”. You’ll get 25% off your bill for the next three months. That and the internet adjustment saved me about $40/month.

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