DVD Jon Fairplays Apple, pt. 2

You know Jon Lech Johansen’s proven he’s got some serious chops. No doubts there.

But, for someone so smart and so talented as to sidestep (or break?) Apple’s FairPlay DRM and then to try and license it to others seems kind of out of the ordinary stupid particularly for him of all people. (FACTOID: Did you know Einstein couldn’t bring himself to use the typewriter!? Too hard to remember where the keys were.)

Here’s what I mean by that: Apple’s not known for opening their systems for others to come in and play. When they do it’s rare and VERY tightly controlled. I see Apple closing the window on DVD Jon’s little venture and thereby invalidating any hopes he and Double Twist have of ever licensing their “solution”. I can just as easily buy MP3s on the open market and put them on my iPod. Or, buy the CD and rip it. It’s going to be a rare label that wants to use DVD Jon’s solution in addition to Apple’s FairPlay or instead of it.

Jon, it’s nice that you proved you “could”… I think it’s highly likely Apple will prove, “Yeah, he did… but not for long.”

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