FREE! ONE Campaign Wristbands

I’ve just come into 10 large and 10 small ONE Campaign wristbands.

We’re going to keep a few back. However, the remaining 17 are for the readers of my blog. Even if you’re local here in Tulsa… that’s fine. I’ll take care of postage myself. I just hope to help get the message out and in circulation. Even if your support stops at wearing the wristband… That’s OK. You’re waving the flag, showing the colors and hopefully prompting someone to ask you for more info which I know you’ll pass along.

So, please, drop me an email to geraldb28 over at mac dot com. Provide me your mailing address and your email so I can confirm delivery. I REALLY appreciate your interest in the ONE Campaign!

Maybe this will inspire others to do something similar on their blogs…

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5 Comments on “FREE! ONE Campaign Wristbands”

  1. Liang Zhang Says:

    523 Southwest Pkwy #201

  2. Dom Says:

    Go ONE!

  3. Matt Wolf Says:

    Keep up the fight and exposure of this great campaign.

  4. cheritycall Says:

    Hello, Give something to help the hungry people from Africa or India,
    I made this blog about this subject:

  5. Ahmadmz Says:

    Keep The Spirit We’ll Make Poverty Just History !!!
    Go ONE!!!

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