Vyew 2.0 Released

Just received this from the Vyew team. If you haven’t tried this… consider it. It’s pretty cool.

Hello Fellow Vyewers:

Vyew is pleased to announce the public beta release of Vyew 2.0 – the Web conferencing and Always-on collaboration platform that enables shared visual communication from any browser in less than 10 seconds – without software installations!

Available now at www.vyew.com, Vyew 2.0 is a major version release that includes several new and expanded features that make Vyew even more powerful and easy-to-use!

1. Multiple VyewBooks per User
You can now create, name and save multiple collaborative sessions – called ‘VyewBooks’. VyewBooks are easy to organize (for example, by project or customer), can be switched during real-time meeting room sessions, and can be set to be ‘always-on’ for users to access and edit over time.
2. Object Layering
Vyew 2.0 features a new layer-based architecture where objects – including pages from Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF Files, images, and whiteboard annotations – are treated as individ! ual object layers. Much like Microsoft PowerPoint, Vyew’s object layering gives you the ability to easily scale and move objects, bring them foward or send them backward, as well as copy and paste between pages and VyewBooks.
3. Object Filtering
Vyew 2.0 includes object filtering options that give you the ability to track and selectively display content by user. For example, you can share a VyewBook for commenting or editing, and easily go back and see who added what.
4. Desktop Sharing and Screen Capture now for Mac
Vyew 2.0 includes new desktop sharing and screen capture functions, with added availability for Mac users using Safari. You can take static screenshots or stream live what’s showing on your PC.

Vyew 2.0 also includes several usability enhancements, improved file importing, and drawing toolbar additions such as the Embedded Comments Tool: Now you can add Embedded Comments anywhere in Vyew’s shared workspace.

Automatic Mig! ration to Vyew 2.0
Your current Vyew sessions and s tored files in Vyew 1.0 will be automatically converted when you start using Vyew 2.0. Vyew 1.0 will continue to be available until December 1. Our goal is to make the transition to Vyew 2.0 as seamless as possible.

The Vyew team is working hard to earn your confidence, continued support and use of our product. We hope you will find Vyew 2.0 more powerful and easy-to-use than ever before. Your comments and feedback are welcome at feedback@vyew.com.

Try it now at http://www.vyew.com

The Vyew Team

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