The Apple Muzzle

As an ADC Select Member of Apple’s developer community I find it ABSOLUTELY STUPID they keep us muzzled as they do. Of course, except at the WWDC… then we can talk openly with one another (presumably).

Don’t get me wrong… I *LOVE* Apple. I just have a few hangups that if addressed I’d be the happiest of clams.

Apple touts themselves as having great authentication and by association a great ability to segment populations based on roles and privleges. Well, can’t someone in Cupertino get over themselves enough to allow their (not so beloved) Developers the opportunity to chat things up in a sanctioned space!?

I was told when I first signed on for the ADC Select (back in the Tiger seeding phase) something like this was pending. I’m officially calling “BULLSH!T” I think someone just wanted to pacify me on the phone and keep the revolution in check.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ain’t happening this time Bubba!

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