Turn’s Got It “Righter”

AdSense is the 9 bazillion pound gorilla. No question. But, as a paying advertiser… I’m going to increasing demand an option within my media mix for a cost per action (CPA) model. I don’t want to pay for eyeballs for crying out loud! I’m MORE than happy to pay on sales though. As bloggers we more than know this model. It’s called affiliate sales! One of these days it may become the dominant method ad/sponsored sales are done online.

As more and more advertisers gravitate to the CPA way of doing things… advertisers can be less selective about WHO they advertise with and the media companies will be in a position to be far more selective in WHO they pick to advertise on their sites. I’d certainly pick based on yield and the relevancy to my content.

Mr. Scoble’s spending a lot of time chasing metrics like “engagement” etc. Which I just don’t get. Sure, I want an action oriented audience. One that sizes well, that trusts me and the advice I offer or stories I weave. But to wave an “audience engagement” number in front of ChiatDay or BBDO or Saatchi… no way jose. Look at the pissing match between Ze Frank and Rocketboom… “My engagement’s better than their engagement.” When at the end of the day Proctor and Gamble doesn’t give a rat’s petoot. They want to move product! Period.

Mr. Fred Wilson over at The VC blog seems a fan of engagement too… I just don’t get it. It’s not a stable metric and not something I want to go into a shoot out with when the big money’s on the line (like it most certainly will be with GYMA, Turn, etc).

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